Alice Quill


Alice Quill is a Wood Elf, about 100 years old (younger elf). She is about 5ft tall, which she likes to think is tall for a wood elf, with green-tinged skill, brown eyes and short blonde hair.

Alice is a Wizard, a recent graduate of The Academy, from the school of evocation.

Alice cares a lot about her education. She gets all uppity because she’s a little insecure about being a wood elf (who people generally think are stupider than high elves). She is very well meaning, high strung, a little elitist with her language, thinks she knows best.

Alice would not hurt or kill a creature that she wouldn’t have to, but when she does fight she is deadly with her cantrips and spells, though not very physically strong.

Her family doesn’t like that she became a wizard, because they’re of the mind that arcane magics go against the will of nature.

She specializes in evocation magic, 1) because she can feel the energy of magic around her naturally, as she’s always been adept, so creating something from nothing made a lot of sense to her, and 2) as a subtle “fuck you” to her parents, because evocation has a lot of messing with nature/ weather patterns/ ect.

Alice enjoys learning as a hobby, and carries a small leather journal with her to record what she finds/ experiences in the adventure. She takes meticulous notes in multiple languages. Alice also enjoys painting, but she doesn’t like to tell anyone, not even Almond. She loves animals, having lived in the woods all of her life along many a woodland creature. She has a hard time picking up on different races ( sometimes she can’t tell an elf or a human apart, and often forgets about her pointy ears).

Alice is high strung and often times read as annoying. She’s a little standoffish towards new people, and can seem kind of cold and judgemental. She’s actually just a little shy, and Almond is very good at helping her open up more.


Alice has been very adept at magic since a young age, learning how to make small illusions ever since she was little. She didn’t understand why her parents scolded her for making pretty fireworks or laughing so hard that it made it rain. She isn’t on speaking terms with her family, leaving for the academy as soon as she could. She found an older wizard elf, a high elf woman named Mildred, to work under as an apprentice in order to make some gold to pay for school and also learn more combative forms of magic.

She was in the top 5% of her class, but the academy was never easy. She put a lot of work into her studies and internally feels like a failure a lot, so she tries to pretend like it’s easy and that being a good wizard comes to her naturally, and while magic is natural to her, the learning process was really tough, so she puts on a haughty air because she doesn’t want to seem as weak as she actually feels.

Alice met Almond when Gram Gram came to the academy looking for tutors for her “hafling” adopted son, who was trying to find his calling in life. Alice tried in vain to teach almond magic, but even though he had no magical ability, Almond and Alice became very close friends.Alice enjoys the respite from constant studying and judging and Almond enjoys someone who didn’t dismiss him as just big and dumb, as Alice sees the kindness in his heart and also loves pie.

Alice goes to adventurers anonymous with Almond, who is there to learn how to be an adventurer after the death of gram gram. Alice has taken on the role of caretaker for almond, and accompanies him to the class, thinking it will help her work on her people skills (she loves people but they rarely like her, often put off by her accidentally insufferable attitude). At the time that the group meets up, Alice is a new graduate of the academy, kind of not sure what she wanted to do with her life. She assumed before that she would keep working for Mildred, but she’s grown bored of casting as only a scholarly pursuit and wants to actually do some good with her power. At the start of the adventure, Alice is sitting next to Almond in the front of the classroom, having glanced at the other students, mostly children. There’s one half elf in the back of the class looking bored, and a cute roguish- looking human behind her with really lumpy pockets.

Alice Quill

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