Almond Leafybottom


- massive half-orc barbarian (slightly over 7ft. tall)

- light-brown (almond) eyes

- age: 16 (maybe?)

- Str. 18
- Dex. 10
- Con. 15
- Int. 10
- Wis. 13
- Cha. 12

- fluent in: Common, Orcish, Halfling


“Almond is halfling! Gram-gram adopt and raise Almond when Almond little. Almond once ask Gram-gram why Almond look different than other halflings. Gram-gram say everyone look different. What matter is inside and heart. Say Almond has heart of halfling. So, Almond is happy to be halfling.”

“When Almond little, Gram-gram take Almond to fancy Academy for books and learning. Almond not good at fancy learning, but Almond meet Alice! Alice very smart. Talk lots and many better than Almond. Alice say Alice admire Almond ‘purse-veer-ants’, and think Almond smarter than people think. Alice very nice. Good friend.”

“Almond very good with sheep! Gram-gram let Almond take care of sheep every day. Take sheep to every grass and let them eat. Sheep very slow. But, Almond smart! Toss sheep from grass to grass. Much faster.”

“Hammer get rid of most problem! Of course, bad people stop being bad after hammer. But, one time, Gram-gram pie oven no work. So Almond smash with hammer. Week later, new oven appear! Almond wonder why more people no try hammer?”

“Gram-gram say Almond and Gram-gram be together after long-sleep if Almond live life of ‘all-true-prism’. Use strength for good. Almond take to heart. Never lie. Smash bad people. Almond wonder if Gram-gram happy with Almond life choices?”

“Gram-gram make best pie ever! Almond love pie, but very much Gram-gram pie. (sigh) Too bad Gram-gram in long sleep. No pie taste like Gram-gram pie…Almond miss Gram-gram lots.”

Almond Leafybottom

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