Tall, Stoic, Gladiator, Paladin of Grumbar, former-slave


Daud is half-elf though many people don’t believe it when they first see him.

He’s a 6 foot tall Paladin of grumbar, commonly seen in his full plate armor doing the deeds of Grumbar.

Previously In his life he was forced to be a gladiator in the pits of Kaon, A goblin run fighting club though higher species fought and bet at the establishment all the time. Due to his time fighting for goblins against his will, Daud will most likely go into a blood rage if he see’s a goblin make the slightest indiscretion.

Daud was kidnapped from his family at a young age and forced to fight for entertainment in order to survive

Though he doesn’t like to learn (He does when he has to), he is always willing to impart is knowledge on others so that they might learn

Daud is not stealthy in anyway and has never appreciated a stealthy approach to a situation

Though he doesn’t like to share it, He has Geomancy abilities granted to him by Grumbar

He may not always do the smartest tactical move but either way he his a force to be reckoned with

Its Daud’s belief that the best way to protect those he travels with is to eradicate the enemy as fast as possible, that is why he has forgone the shield but carries a massive Great sword.

The blade he carries is of black steel, with a Hilt that looks like a mountain, and a palm stone of black onyx. It is his weapon of choice but it doubles as his holy symbol. Printed on the blade is phrase of ancient primordial saying “the darkest blade is the brightest light for those with no hope”



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